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Offshore4Asia Director, Ahmad Kamil

The Director


My name is Ahmad. I am very glad that you are interested with our products and services and I am one of the persons to contact if you need to engage us. Our journey begins in Asia, but we strive to deliver quality services from Asia, for Asia and beyond Asia. Asia strives on its unique culture, diversity, tradition, values and unity. Asia embraces technology and yet does not sacrifice its rich traditional values. Asia is fast moving and yet timeless. The same is true of our Offshore4Asia group which consists of;

    1. Offshore4Asia Corporate Services FZE is a company incorporated in Ras al- Khaimah, the UAE and licensed as a registered agent by the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority or RAKIA.


    1. Offshore4Asia Limited is a company incorporated in Labuan, Malaysia and incorporates and administers companies from Hong Kong, Seychelles, Mauritius, BVI, the UK, Delaware, etc.


    1. Accounting4Asia Limited is a company incorporated in Labuan, Malaysia and provides accounting and 3rd party auditing services for offshore companies incorporated in various offshore jurisdictions.


  1. HLC-Offshore4Asia LLP was formed in the UK in order to provide UK LLP and limited offshore company formation services in the Asian market and non-UK companies to UK market and the rest of Europe. This LLP is a joint venture between Highland Corporate Solutions Ltd., Law & Commerce Trust Limited and Offshore4Asia Corporate Services FZE All three companies are respectively licensed offshore formation agents in the UK, Malaysia and the UAE.

In the new future more companies are going to be added to Offshore4Asia group, providing more varied offshore services from Asia, for Asia and beyond Asia. We emulate the quality of the rice, the grain that powers Asia. Small, yet the rice is hugely versatile, unique, yet the rice is hugely diverse, common yet the rice is hugely important. We in Offshore4Asia believe that small is indeed beautiful. We try to provide as many offshore services as we can, from small business units, even if we have to go to remote areas to do so. Each of our units must be cost conscious and hugely profitable, thus passing the cost saving benefits to our clients. In the region of more than 2 billion people, diverse culture is found everywhere and we are keenly aware of this. We seek strength in this diversity and try to provide services from more diverse regions.

We in Offshore4Asia rely heavily on modern technology but still place great importance on face to face meetings. Each of our clients is unique and we know of no technology that can cater one fit-for-all solution for our diverse clients. A great Asian sage once lectured that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We have taken the first step but we are not in the rush to complete the one thousand miles. We rejoice and treasure every step that we make in servicing this region and beyond, far and wide.

Thank you.
Ahmad Kamil bin Mohd Yusop
Director – LL B (Hons), CLP