Belize (formerly British Honduras) is a scenically beautiful, independent country located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America. Belize has an area of approximately 23,026 sq. km, and is bounded by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south.

The administrative capital of Belize is Belmopan, but the major commercial centre is Belize City, which is located on the eastern coast close to the major international airport.


Type of Company: International Business Company or IBC. An IBC can take the form of company limited by shares, company limited by guarantee, company limited by shares and guarantee, unlimited company and dedicated cell company.

Who can incorporate: Resident Agent.

Time to incorporate: One Day.

Registration fee: Companies with an authorized capital up to US$50,000 pay the sum of US$100 per year. Companies with an authorized share capital over US$50,001 pay the sum of US$1,000 per year. Companies with some or all of its shares of no par value, pay the sum of US$350 per year.

Shelf company availability: Yes.

Taxation: A Belize International Business Company does not pay any tax on its worldwide profits to Belize authorities.

Minimum annual government fee: US$100 (excluding taxation).

Disclosure of beneficial owner: No.

Bearer shares: Yes, Belize IBCs can have shares with no par value. This must be stated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and is priced differently from IBCs with standard authorized share capital.

Standard minimum paid up: No minimum required.

Standard authorized capital: Authorized capital of US$50,000 divided into 50,000 registered shares of US1.00 each is considered as the standard authorized capital.

Permitted currency of capital: Any.

Minimum number of shareholders: One.

Minimum number of directors: One.

Corporate directors: Yes.

Local directors: Not required.

Company secretary: A company secretary is not a requirement under the Act, but a secretary is normally appointed to facilitate signing obligations.

Company seal: A company seal is required.

Public record of directors & shareholders: No.

Location of directors & shareholders meeting: Anywhere.

Telephone board meeting: Permitted.

Access to Double Tax Treaty: Belize is not a party to any double tax agreements.

Requirement to file account: Yes.

Requirement to keep account:

Requirement to file annual return: No.

Change in domicile: Yes.

Local Registered office address: Registered office address must be located in Belize. Principal office address (business address) may be in ay country.

Data Sheet

Belize IBC Corporate Data Sheet

Type of companyBC or Business company
Common or civil law jurisdictionsCommon law
Shelf company availabilityYes
Time to incorporate24-48hrs
Min. annual duty or franchise feeUS$100
Annual return filling feeNil
Disclosure of beneficial ownershipTo Registered Agent
Bearer sharesYes but subject to higher fee and custodianship
Standard minimum paid up capitalNone
Standard authorised share capitalNone
Permitted currency of capitalAny
Minimum number of shareholders1
Minimum numbers of directors1
Corporate directorsYes
Local directorsNo
Company secretaryNo
Company sealYes
Public record of directorsNo
Public record of shareholdersNo
Location of directors meetingAny where
Location of shareholders meetingAny where
Telephone board meetingYes
Access to Double taxation treatyNo
Requirement to file accountNo
Requirement to file annual returnNo requirement to file annual return
Change in domicileYes
Local registered addressRegistered Agent
Who can incorporate?Licensed local Registered Agent

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