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Company Formation:

  1. Company Formation Questionaires
  2. Customer Business Profile
  3. Declaration by shareholder, director & controller
  4. Company Formation Checklist
  5. Term & Conditions of Business

Please complete the soft copy of the Questionnaire, the Declaration and the Customer Business Profile, as much as you can. Then e-mail the soft copy only to together with scanned copies of;

  1. Director’s passport, showing at least photo page and signature page,
  2. Shareholder’s passport, if different from director,
  3. Proof of address of each director/shareholder, which may be in the form of bank or credit card statement, utility or telephone bill, cable TV bill,

If the information given is complete we will e-mail you soft copy of documents to be printed and sign and proceed to bill you.

If you need any assistance in completing the form or if you have any question to ask please call, e-mail or chat with us.

It is very important that you read the Terms & Conditions of Business.

The Checklist is to be used when sending originally signed Questionnaire, Declarations and Customer Business Profile.

In case the above e-mail is overloaded, please use