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Labuan is comprised of a few small islands located off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia. Labuan is part of Malaysia and being formally under British rules is a common law jurisdiction, with an independent English based-legal system.


Incorporation in Labuan


Type of company: Labuan offshore company which in most cases must be companies limited by shares.

Regulator or Registrar: Labuan Financial Services Authority, a division of the Central Bank of Malaysia.

Time to incorporate: In most cases including reservation of name, an LOC can be incorporated within 3-4 days, after submission of complete documents. A name once reserved is valid for three months.

Government’s Registration fee: From the minimum of US$300.00 to the maximum of US$1500.00 depending on the size of authorised capital chosen. Most company pays the minimum authorized capital fee.

Shelf company availability: Not generally available.

Taxation: Trading companies pay 3% tax or app. US$6000.00 which ever is elected on a given tax year. Investment holding companies is not subjected to tax.

Minimum annual government fee: US$770.00 regardless of capital structure, payable every year the latest one month before the anniversary of the company.

Disclosure of beneficial owner: Labuan adopts money laundering legislation under which all licensed service providers are required to know the identity of their customers before accepting a transaction. Not to do so would be an offence under the legislation. Therefore disclosure of beneficial ownership will be made to trust company, bank, insurers, etc. but not to the Authority.

Bearer shares: Not permitted. All shares must be in registered form.

Standard minimum paid up: None but our standard company comes with a standard paid up of U$1.00.

Standard authorised capital: Normally 13,000 no par value shares.

Permitted currency of capital: Any currency except Malaysian Ringgit although in most cases the US$ is prevalent.

Minimum number of shareholders: One and there is no residency or nationality requirement.

Minimum number of directors: One and there is no residency or nationality requirement.

Corporate directors: Yes.

Local directors: Optional.

Company secretary: Yes and if more than one is appointed at least one must be a resident secretary. Only an officer of a registered agent can be appointed as a resident secretary.

Public record of directors & shareholders: No.

Location of directors and shareholders meeting: Anywhere.

Banking: more than 50 offshore banks are operating in Labuan and close to a dozen local banks are available.

Telephone board meeting: Yes.

Access to Double Tax Treaty: With careful planning, Labuan companies may enjoy the benefits of Malaysia’s extensive Double Tax Treaties.

Requirement to file account: Only for licensed companies and companies electing to pay 3% tax. Nevertheless there is still requirement to keep accounts that will sufficiently show the financial position of the company.

Requirement to file annual return: Yes and it is simple.

Local registered office address: A Labuan company must have at all time a registered office in Labuan. Such an office being the principal office of a trust company.


Labuan Corporate Data Sheet – Summary

Type of company Off. Trading/Non-trading [1]
Common or civil law jurisdictions Common
Shelf company availability NO
L&C’s time to incorporate 3-4 days
Min. annual duty or franchise fee App. US$500.00 [2]
Annual return filling fee NIL
Taxation 3% or app. US$6700.00
Disclosure of beneficial ownership NO [3]
Bearer shares NO
Standard minimum paid up capital 1 no par value shares
Standard authorised share capital Authorised to issue up to 13,000 no par value shares
Permitted currency of capital Any currency save RM
Minimum number of shareholders ONE [4]
Minimum numbers of directors ONE [5]
Corporate directors YES
Local directors NO
Company secretary YES
Company seal YES
Public record of directors NO
Public record of shareholders NO
Location of directors meeting Anywhere
Location of shareholders meeting Anywhere
Telephone board meeting YES
Double taxation treaty access YES
Requirement to file account Trading YES/Non-trading NO
Requirement to prepare account YES
Requirement to file annual return YES
Change in domicile YES
Local registered address YES [6]

1. Non-trading company generally holds investment and passive in nature.

2. Payable one month before each anniversary of the company.

3. would mean that for confidentiality reason you can appoint us as your nominee shareholder.

4. Please submit Photostat copy of passport for each shareholder for L&C’s records.

5. Please submit Photostat copy of passport for each director for L&C’s record.

6. Address of the principal office of a Labuan trust company ( L&C’s address).

Note: L&C is our sister company located in Labuan.


Labuan IOFC – Cost and Benefit Analysis

Star Rating
Corporate Registration Efficiency 5-star Very efficient. Name search takes 1-2 hours only and name reservation within one day. Company can be incorporated in 1-2 day.
Availability of Name 5-star Names are easily available.
Confidentiality 5-star Excellent. Unauthorised disclosure of client’s information is subject to penalty.
Political Stability 5-star Excellent. Since independence in 1957 Malaysia has enjoyed continued political stability.
Maintenance Cost 3-star Higher in comparison to IBC jurisdictions like BVI, Nuie or Bahamas.
Legal System 5-star Based on English legal system. Islamic laws apply to Moslem only on matters involving marriage, custody and inheritance.
Regulator 3-star LFSA is the arm of the Central Bank and is an excellent regulator. LFSA is also a member of various international regulatory bodies.
Location 3-star Remote from mainland Malaysia although connected by flight on twice-daily basis to and from Kuala Lumpur.
Exchange Control 3-star Very liberal.
Rate of Tax 5-star Very favourable, being 3% or RM20k which ever is elected.
Double Tax Treaty Access 4-star Malaysia has signed 50++ DTT with its business partners and Labuan being part of Malaysia enjoys DTT protection. However a few countries notably Japan, the UK and Switzerland have denied Labuan companies of Malaysia’s DTT protection.
Local Banking Services 3-star Good. Although there are more than 50 offshore banks in Labuan. Not all of them take deposits. Initial deposit is ranging from US$5k to US$500k. Availability of internet banking is limited.
Time Zone 3-star Same time zone with major Asian capitals.
Reputation 4-star Labuan is part of Malaysia which is a major trading nation.

Banking Options

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Labuan Company Banking Option


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