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Due Diligent Requirement

Offshore4Asia is subjected to various Anti Money Laundering legislations and KYC rules in the territories it operates. Further, Offshore4Asia also abides by its own Code of Practice as well as internationally accepted good practice in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing.

Before entering into a business relationship with any client we are required to establish the following;

  1. The true identity of the ultimate beneficial owner is disclosed to us,
  2. That when dealing with an agent, the true beneficial owner represented by the agent is disclosed to us,
  3. That the residential address of the true beneficial owners is provided,
  4. That the stated nature of business the description of which enables use to understand the nature and extend of the business to be conducted, is provided.

The provision of the above however does not bar us from implementing enhanced due diligent measure if we are no entirely convinced with the identity, nature of business, address or all any combination of them. If enhanced due diligent is applied, you will be required to produce at least two professional or bank reference from whom we will write and find out about you, your previous experience, you previous dealing, current business, etc.

Ordering Forms

Ordering Forms

To proceed with ordering our services please complete the Company Formation Questionnaire, the Declaration and the Customer Business Profile in Download Section.

Please read our Terms and Conditions of Business before ordering any service.


Payment Method

Full payment must be received before any service can be delivered. Payment can be made to by telegraphic transfer, cheque or cash.

Payment by cheque can be made to ‘OFFSHORE4ASIA LTD.

Payment by telegraphic transfer can be made to “OFFSHORE4ASIA LTD.

A/c No.: 322820 (US$)

Bank: Valartis Bank (Liechtenstein) AG, Schaaner Strasse 27, 9487 Gamprin-Bendern, Furstentum Liechtenstein

IBAN: LI11 0880 3103 2282 0000 0



Please read our Pricing Policy before making any payment.