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Samoa officially the Independent State of Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, is a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. It became independent from New Zealand in 1962. The two main islands of Samoa are Upolu and one of the biggest islands in Polynesia, Savai’i. The capital city, Apia, and Faleolo International Airport are situated on the island of Upolu.

Samoa was admitted to the United Nations on 15 December 1976.The entire island group, inclusive of American Samoa, was called Navigators Islands by European explorers before the 20th century because of the Samoans’ seafaring skills.

Her economies largely depend on industries, service sector and agriculture. The country currency is the Samoan tālā, issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Samoa. The economy of Samoa has traditionally been dependent on agriculture and fishing at the local level. The Samoan government has called for deregulation of the financial sector, encouragement of investment, and continued fiscal discipline.


Type of Company: IC or International Company

Who can incorporate: Registered agent licensed in Samoa

Time to incorporate: 5 days

Registration fee: An International Company pays an annual licence fee of US$300, unless at the time of incorporation, it elects to pay a licence fee to cover the following periods:

  • 5 years US$1,000
  • 10 years US$1,500
  • 20 years US$2,000

Shelf company availability: Yes

Taxation: Companies incorporated under the International Companies Act of 1987 are not liable to pay any income or corporation tax.

Minimum annual government fee: US$300

Disclosure of beneficial owner: No

Bearer shares: Permitted

Standard minimum paid up: US$1

Standard authorized capital: US$ 1,000,000

Permitted currency of capital: Any

Minimum number of shareholders: One

Minimum number of directors: One

Corporate directors: Permitted

Local directors: Not required

Company secretary: Yes

Company seal: Optional

Public record of directors & shareholders: Optional

Location of directors & shareholders meeting: Anywhere

Telephone board meeting: Permitted

Access to Double Tax Treaty: Samoa is not party to any double tax agreement.

Requirement to file account: No

Requirement to keep account: Yes

Requirement to file annual return: No

Change in domicile: Yes

Local Registered office address: All companies must have a Registered Office and a Resident Agent in Samoa who must be a licensed trust company

Data Sheet

UK PLC Corporate Data Sheet – Summary

Type of company IC or International Company
Common or civil law jurisdictions Common law
Shelf company availability Yes
Time to incorporate 5 days
Min. annual duty or franchise fee US$300
Annual return filling fee No
Taxation Nil
Disclosure of beneficial ownership No
Bearer shares Permitted
Standard minimum paid up capital US$ 1
Standard authorised share capital US$1,000,000
Permitted currency of capital Any
Minimum number of shareholders 1
Minimum numbers of directors 1
Corporate directors Permitted
Local directors No
Company secretary Yes
Company seal Optional
Public record of directors No
Public record of shareholders Optional
Location of directors meeting Anywhere
Location of shareholders meeting Anywhere
Telephone board meeting Permitted
Access to Double taxation treaty No
Requirement to file account No
Requirement to keep account Yes
Requirement to file annual return No
Change in domicile Yes
Local registered address Required
Who can incorporate? Registered agent licensed in Samoa

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